How We Got Here

In 1996, successful business man Tamay Ozari was looking to move his growing restaurant equipment business to a bigger and better location from where it resided, then on 2nd Ave. he needed a place that had more space, bigger parking lot, and without downtown traffic.

When he found an old factory building on 3814 Charlotte Ave., he knew that this building was perfect for his growing business. Originally built as a hosiery factory in 1928, the building has a massive 50,000 square feet of open space and is also three stories of great potential.

Tamay Ozari not only saw this building as a great place to grow his business but he also recognized the vast potential of what it could become in the future.

Now 20 years later, his visions are coming to fruition. Nashville has been changing and growing exponentially in the recent years. There have been numerous new developments and changes to our city and Charlotte Pike is one of those places. As a result L&L Restaurant Equipment building has been getting a lot of attention.

Tamay Ozari has been getting a lot of offers over the 20 years he's owned the building and even more so recently. But when asked why he wouldn't sell, he knew the answer was that he wanted to give back to the community that he's been a part of past 2 decades.

He envisioned a place where people and families can go, shop, eat and enjoy each other’s company safely. His vision is to turn L&L into a Factory Market Place to do just that.

He's looking to bring the best locally sourced restaurants, top quality stores and family friendly businesses. It will be a place where our community can come together and spend their time enjoying the best of the best with their families. 

Owner: Tamay Ozari

 The Factory Marketplace as a hosiery factory

The Factory Marketplace as a hosiery factory

“The Factory Marketplace will be a place where good food, great drinks, and diverse culture collide to create a once in a life experience.”
— Erin Cooley, Nocturnal Music Group, LLC